Saturday, August 22, 2009

my mecca

when i visit new york for work, i always make the pilgrimage to my mecca, abc carpet and home. i can spend all day here and hit every single floor. one time i saw a help wanted sign there and i almost shucked everything i had here in portland to go work there. i could never see myself in new york, though. i'll just keep that as a dream (unless i have a sudden windfall of money and could live in grand style). no, i think portland is the place for me.

my mecca in portland is cargo. i get so excited when i come here i actually do get butterflies. you can't miss it from the outside. it's the big building in the pearl with chinese lanterns and flags hanging off it. i love how they have used these great frames as a fence on the outside. i would love to do this at home.

cargo is in a really cool old warehouse space at 380 nw 13th 503.243.7804

there is just so much to look at, i could spend hours wandering around here. i loved this room with the peacock feathers. i would love a display like this at home but the cat thinks the feathers are his special gift and he eats them. someday i'll just get a real peacock and the cat may think twice!

cargo has everything on sale the entire month of september so you know where i'll be shopping.

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