Friday, August 7, 2009

ti amo allora

last night after taking lulu to the mutt mixer at the hotel monaco, i was in the mood to go to one of my favorite restaurants, cafe allora. cafe allora reminds me so much of my favorite cafe in florence called cabiria cafe. i would go to this cafe almost everyday and study my italian for my classes. the servers at the cabiria were the most stylish servers i have ever seen but in that non-chalant, i don't need to make an effort kind of way. i loved this place and was sad when i had to move on to the next stop. i was so happy to find a place like cafe allora in portland because it truly is like being in italy. i step in here and it's like i'm back in florence and lucca again. stefano and paolo, the owners are so sweet and fun and there is always a group of italian speaking regulars sitting outside or at the bar. and the servers are just so warm and friendly. oh, can i go back again right now?

this is the cabiria cafe in florence. i used to sit at one of these round tables to study. i'm not sure if it is still open, i heard it closed for renovation a few years ago.

this is the interior of cafe allora. i find it so relaxing here. i love their motto "non e stata colpa mia" which means "and guilt be mine".
cafe allora is at 509 nw 9th, 503.445.4612.

i was feeling all artsy and took this picture while we were dining outside.

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