Tuesday, August 25, 2009

latin love

i know i've mentioned the restaurant andina before but it definitely merits more than just one little mention. if you have not ever tried this restaurant, get your best friend and go out and try it asap. i have been there several times over the years since it opened and let me tell you, i have never once been disappointed. the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, the music...i could go on but i want you to check it out for yourself.

my girlfriend and i just went by for dinner and it was so good. we started out with a pitcher of the white sangria and dined on some of my favorite tapas. i love the yucca relleno and the palta relleno, which i always get but next time i go, i want to try something completely different because the food at the next table looked so good i was wishing we had tried it instead, not because i was disappointed in our choices i just can't get everything that i want in one visit!

they also have live music every night which makes for such a pleasant dining experience. i love the spanish classical guitar and they usually have at least one musician there playing.

this is their gorgeous dining room which is great if you have a large group but i prefer the bar area if i'm with a smaller group. (photo from portland food and drink)

look at our fabulous dessert, this is the goat cheese flan. i thought it looked so good that i had to take a picture to show you. and yes, that's a rose on top. love it!

andina is in the pearl district on the corner of nw glisan and 13th.

rodrigo y gabriela

a few years ago, my friend and i dined at andina before we headed over to berbati's pan to see rodrigo y gabriela. they just so happen to be headed back to portland on october 12th and playing at the schnitz, so i think we may need to make this a tradition.

if you have never heard of or seen rodrigo y gabriela you must check them out. they are so cool. my friend and i went to see them two nights in a row because they are that good. it's just the two of them playing guitar and it is one of the best shows i have ever seen. the thing that i love about them is that their music does not fit into one box and they just have such an incredible energy. all ages can listen to this music and love it. i cannot stress enough how amazing they are so go check them out right now, i'm sure you can find them on youtube.

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