Saturday, August 22, 2009

za za zells!

i had to work today but i decided that since it was a saturday, i needed to start the day off with a great breakfast so my friends and i met up at one of our favorite breakfast spots, zells. we've been going to zells for years and i usually get one of two things--eggs benedict, which are awesome there, or cousin maurices eggs which is a scramble with brie, tomatoes and scallions, yum! today i was in the mood for something different so i got the tomato, avocado and bacon scramble and it was soooo good. i'm glad i tried something new this time. i always stick with coffee for breakfast but my friend loves their tea which is served in a french press. zells is a great classic portland breakfast joint so you usually have to wait but it's well worth it. it's at 1300 se morrison 503.239.0196

my girlfriend and i love to sit at the bar and catch up on our gossip.

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