Tuesday, August 18, 2009

so sorry

these are my favorite

but i would still take these

i'm so sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend. i had a 3 day weekend that was very busy and the computer was acting up. i hope to get some extra posts out this week.

for now i'm dreaming of these shoes. i'm in love with them! they are by swedish designer asa westlund and as far as i can tell, they are not available in the us. if any of my lovely followers has any idea how i can get my hands on these beauties, let me know.

oh i do so love clogs. i guess i never grew out of that phase. i remember when my family moved back down to new mexico after a few years in southern oregon, i arrived the first day of school wearing red clogs, a yellow calico peasant top that my mom had made and a wrap around skirt with clouds and a little village around the border, also made by my mom. i also had long straight hippie hair that i had been working so hard to grow out. if i were still in gold hill, i would have been very fashionable. however, farmington, new mexico did not follow the same trends. they all had big giant hair with bangs that stood straight up, tight jeans and tee shirts and black nikes with a silver swoosh. it took me a few years for people to forget that! and while my style has adapted over the years, i will always love my clogs.

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