Sunday, August 9, 2009

i heart food

last night i went to see julie & julia and i really enjoyed the film. i wasn't sure what to expect because it's been receiving mixed reviews due to the fact that there were basically two separate stories going on simultaneously. the critics were saying that the meryl streep story was very good but they weren't loving the amy adams story. well, i absolutely love meryl streep and she really can do no wrong. when she's on screen, you just can't take your eyes off of her but i have to say that two-and-a half hours of meryl as julia child may have been a bit much for me to handle. in fact, two-and-a-half hours of julia child may have been a bit much for me (no disrespect to you up there, julia). i found myself enjoying the amy adams story line very much and since the main topic of it was her blogging about cooking every recipe from julia child's "mastering the art of french cooking" it was inspiring to me and i appreciated the commitment that she made to her blog.

i had wanted to start my blog for quite a while but when i finally did, it was really on a whim. i didn't think it through too much, and really, i'm just letting it go where ever it wants to go. but the one thing that i decided after i started it was that i was going to take it seriously and keep posting as much as possible. so i understood the commitment that she made to her blog, even when people weren't always being supportive of her.

another part of the movie that i really loved was seeing stanley tucci portray julia child's husband. stanley and meryl were great casting for these roles and seeing them on screen together was magical. they really brought to life a side of julia child that we never really saw. after watching stanley tucci last night, i want to run out to get one of my all time favorite films, "big night".

a few years ago, i was in the mood to watch "big night" so i went to my favorite video store, the ladd's videorama (rip), to rent it but they didn't have it. i bugged the clerk there for months asking if they had it yet and so one day i went in and he surprised me with it. he had ordered it from one of the other stores. i think it's one that i need for my own collection. stanley tucci and isabella rosselini were so great in it. if you haven't ever seen this classic, i highly recommend it.

so if i'm on a roll about food movies, i must mention another favorite, "mostly martha". this is the original version of the american reinterpretation, "no reservations". and while i feel that "mostly martha" is far superior to its remake, i have to say that i enjoyed "no reservations" for what it was--aaron eckhart cooking great food and looking hot while doing it! i just don't understand why they had to give it the same name as my hero anthony bourdain's fabulous travel/food show. and why do we always have to "americanize" great movies? can't people handle watching the original with subtitles? they actually were somewhat different so i almost look at them as two separate films.

and last but not least, i feel i must mention another great food movie, "ratatouille". believe me, i am not a huge fan of the animated movies that are always coming out and that everyone seems to love but i actually went to a theater to see this one and i'm glad i did. i mean a mouse cooking in paris, who thinks of these things?

so here are a few recommendations, i hope you enjoy, i'm getting hungry.

bisou, bisou!


  1. I haven't seen Mostly Martha--excited to check that out!

  2. I originally read Julie Powells blog as she cooked through MTAOFC. I loved it. But, I really, really struggled when they adapted it to the book. I couldn't quite put my finger on why I wasn't feeling it... although I think it was because I was reading Molly Wizenberg's book (Homemade Life) at the same time, which I wanted to consume. I can't wait to see the movie. eek.

    PS don't forget about Eat Drink Man Woman.

    PPS loving the blog... you are inspiring me, although I don't think my ramblings or my excursions are as interesting as yours!

  3. Bria, you should definitely see Mostly Martha. I guarantee you'll like it. It's good to see you posting on your blog again, I've missed you!

    Brooke, I'm curious to hear what you think after seeing Julie/Julia. I never read the book or the blog but I really enjoyed the movie. You're right, I should have mentioned Eat, Drink another great foodie movie and I just saw it again a few months ago. Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Just knowing people are reading helps keep me motivated. I think you should do it. You're way more creative than I am. I just like to go out a lot! And I really think you need to be the Next food Network Sstar!