Tuesday, August 18, 2009

local love

i absolutely love it when a friend turns me on to a great local designer or artist as was the case when i first met vickie and beth of gossamer designs. last year i was invited to one of their trunk shows in their studio space above the monticello antique mall. as soon as i walked in i loved them. hello tex-mex! their little studio was so cute, i could have lived there. sadly, they no longer have the studio but they do sell on-line as well as at various markets and their trunks shows. if you go to their website, you can get on their mailing list so you will be informed of any upcoming trunk shows which i highly recommend checking out if you have the opportunity. it's where cowgirl high style meets bohemian chic!

at their trunk show i also discovered this amazing local artist named brenda dunn. i immediately bought some of her note cards and have them all over my house and one in my car named "bianca" that i decided to name my car after. she often sells at first and last thursday and here at etsy. some one just might be getting one of her prints for a birthday present. shhh...

and here is my favorite antique mall, monticello. it's not in the typical antique neighborhoods so i think they have much better prices. let me tell you, i've never left here without buying something.
it's located at se 83rd and washington.

and i can never say monticello without thinking about one of my favorite films, "green card". it's the answer to the question girard depardieu's character missed during his ins interview and got him sent packing back to france. i just wanted him to remember so bad. oh well c'est la vie! hopefully bronte didn't have to give up her fab new york apartment.

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