Monday, August 3, 2009

roadside attraction

where i grew up, stands on the side of the road generally sell things like fry bread, navajo tacos and tamales. and while i like these things very much, i have discovered a new type of roadside stand here in the northwest--those that sell things like flowers, berries and squash. i never know when i will find one of these stands but oh how i love it when i do.

when i first moved here, i found several out in rock creek and was fascinated by the fact that you just put your money in a can and take what you like. it's all based on the good old fashioned trust system. and while i like living in the city, i just can't imagine finding one of these stands in town where you take what you like and just leave some change in a can. there may be a few problems with inventory control and accounting! so yesterday when we were driving home from an outing on the tualatin river, we came across this stand in west linn and it made me so happy. i had to stop the car to get some shots while lorenzo made our purchases.

usually you will find these stands down country roads during the summer and fall so get out there and go for a nice sunday drive next weekend.

bisou, bisou!

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