Saturday, August 29, 2009

my heart flutters

i keep meaning to tell you about one of my favorite stores in portland, flutter. if i had my own store (someday), i like to think it would be something like flutter. i love their collection of old and new all jumbled together in it's beautiful, chaotic way. if i'm looking for something special and unique, this is were i go. they have lovely jewelry, soaps, perfumes, papers and so much more. and it's so much fun to walk mississippi ave. i think if i weren't a hawthorne girl, i would be a mississippi girl!

i absolutely love this turquoise wall. i would love to paint my bedroom this color with red trim. (photo by flutter)

this is rizzo, the kitty. (photo by dough beghtel/the oregonian)

so if you haven't been to flutter, go check it out and don't forget to go say hi to the kitty cat and the finches. i'm not a huge bird person but i love the sound of those tiny finches. it's like a little "beep, beep." i just love it. and you know i love my kitties. i think it's so cool that they can live together here, i'm afraid that probably wouldn't be the case at my house.
flutter is at 3948 n. mississippi ave 503.288.1649

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