Monday, September 28, 2009

allison, you're killing me

the allison hotel newberg

sometimes it pays to have friends in the right places and that was the case yesterday when i was invited by my friend in the hotel industry to take a personal tour of the brand spanking new allison hotel that just opened on friday in the heart of the willamette valley wine country.

this hotel and spa resort has been in the works for quite a while and let me tell you, there were no holds barred. they really went all out on this place. the austin family that owns the hotel are from the newberg area and have made their fortune in dental equipment. they have long been contributers to the library, schools and arts of the willamette valley and now they have truly made their mark with this grand hotel. you can see their love of the valley and this hotel in every corner--from the artwork that they commissioned that includes paintings of old family snapshots to the placement of rooms looking out to views that include the old school house that family members had attended as children. not to mention amazing views of the valley as well as their grove and vineyard.

while this 85 room hotel seems placed out in the middle of nowhere, as we all know, it's just a matter of time before the rest of the world discovers what amazing wines we have coming out of the area and will want to come and visit for themselves. i think they are really on to something and i think many more places like this (well maybe not on this scale)will be opening in the future.

come on, let's take the tour!

the dining room of jory, the hotel's restaurant

dining room details

amuse bouche and champagne

the chef's table

the hotel's living room

the queen room

the living room area of the queen room

the double queen room

and it's living room area

the water feature in the entrance to the spa/salon area

the amazing swimming pool with mud art at one end that depicts millions of years of terrain in the valley.

the outdoor sitting area off the pool

the view towards the vineyard and groves

so what do you think? ready to ditch work and head out there right now? and while the rooms are a little spendy starting at around $285 per night, locals shouldn't be discouraged from taking the short drive out just to enjoy the restaurant or bar. designate a driver, start at the jory for luch and then visit a few of the closest wineries. i will definitely be getting a group of friends together for a day trip very soon. thank you, megan for the invitation. i had a wonderful time.

oh, and here's a little tidbit for you. if you book a haircut appointment for just $35.00 in their salon, you can use their swimming pool and hot tub. hello! i'm in on that one.

the allison hotel and jory restaurant are located at 2525 allison lane in newburg and the number is 503.554.2525.

happy wine tasting!


  1. what a wonderful looking place. The photos of the place are also very well done. How many designers were involved?

  2. i'm not sure how many designers they had but i believe the firm that handled it was ggso architects???

  3. I think the painting on the wall by the chef's table is either a Shari Lord, or Ann Altman, I recognize the painting from one of our local artists here in Silverton...

  4. They did commission many area artists for the artwork so I wouldn't be surprised. In fact, I think all of the art in the hotel is local. Very cool!