Friday, September 25, 2009


ok, i know i'm supposed to be posting about my closet project today so i have to admit, i'm a little behind. we had an unexpected visitor this week so i didn't get as much done as i would have liked but i have it all worked out in my mind, now i just need to execute it.

since we had company, though, it was a great time showing him around to some of my favorite portland places. the last morning before he left, we went to "brekky" (as he calls it) at gravy. i hadn't been here for a while so i was looking forward to it.

i had the two eggs with veggie sausage and i could not believe the size of my meal. it was delish but it was hard to go to work afterwards because i really needed a little nap. miles had the oatmeal brulee with berries and it looked really good. i need to try that one next time.

gravy is over in my next favorite neighborhood at 3957 n. mississippi 503.287.8800

then i sent miles back on the road. he took the historic columbia river gorge highway and then planned on crossing over at stevenson and heading to lewiston, idaho. his final destination is cody, wyoming.

thanks for a fantastic visit miles, and have a great ride to wyoming. we'll catch you sometime in cali!

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