Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my closet and me

this is how my closet looked a month ago when i posted about it in this post.

i think i've regressed since then because everything seems to have worked it's way out of the closet!

do you remember a while back when i posted about the state of my closet? i said that if there was one thing i did not heart, it's my closet situation. i did not inherit any kind of martha stewarty organizational skills in my life at home even though i'm pretty organized at work. well, although i still haven't made much progress in my closet, i'm super excited about fall and i figure this is the best time to get the darn thing organized starting tonight. so here's the plan:

1. i'm going to go home and turn on some great new music by a fine frenzy. doesn't this album cover remind you of old jane birkin photos? i thought this choice was appropriate due to the frenzy that my clothes are in.

2. i'm going to go through all of my clothing and pull out anything i do not wear or love any longer to make room for new things that i do love.

3. i'm going to take everything out of my closet that is not directly related to getting dressed, like sheets and bedding. they can go in another closet.

4. i'm going to pull out the items that i have in other closets that could go in my clothing closet like my coats and jackets so i'll have everything together.

5. i'm going to make a list of any shelves, hooks, etc. that i will need to display my clothing and accessories so i can see them better.

6. i'll make a run to ikea for above items.

7. i'm going to pick out paint and wallpaper to go into the closet to make it pretty.

8. i'm giving myself one week to get it all put together so expect a report back from me by next weekend.

i'm so excited about fall and my new fall clothes and i really want to start out this new season as organized as possible. since this becomes a very busy time of year for me, i really want to start off on the right foot so i can manage my time better.

i still really really want it to look something like this.

what are some of your fall resolutions? is there anything you do to start off the "school year"?

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