Thursday, September 3, 2009

heartsy walk

yesterday lulu and i went for a walk throughout the neighborhood and came across some interesting "art". you know how i love to find these random artsy objects around town and so in honor of today being first thursday, our local gallery day, i thought it would be fun to share some with you.

i hope to see you out in the pearl tonight for first thursday. i'm excited about the opening ceremony/pendleton fashion show.

this is an interesting home-made no parking sign.

there are critters "walking" along the backside of the stump.

ooh, a little pink polka dotted beetle.

there is a little village on top of the stump. i wouldn't park here in appreciation of their creative solution to keep people from parking in front of their house.

look at this funky entrance to a backyard off of the alley.

you are greeted by a lovely person typing. hey, where are your feet?

and another great backyard fence across the alley that someone decorated. isn't that orange garage great?

i love the coral color of these flowers.

happy artsy thursday!

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