Saturday, September 19, 2009

give me hope

i'm taking a break from my closet reconstruction and listening to some new music by hope sandoval, the lead singer of mazzy star. i had forgotten how much i missed mazzy star until i started listening to hope again.

i think mazzy star was gaining the height of their popularity my last few years of college and i can remember my best friend and i listening to her voice late into the night, drinking red wine and smoking cigarettes. the angst in her voice and lyrics was exactly how we were feeling at the time. young, unsure of what we were going to do with our lives, pining away over this guy or that one. mazzy star, and mainly hope, spoke the language of my generation.

i went to see mazzy star at this great old theater in albuquerque called the el rey. i think it was the last date my college boyfriend and i went on and we both knew at the time that our lives were moving in different directions. i remember not being especially sad about this and contrary to what you may think because of her style of music, i actually felt very free and happy and ready for my next phase in life. i stood there in my pink dress with a glass of wine i knew i was going to be ok. i think the strength in her lyrics really stand out even though her music could come off as sad or depressing. i'll never forget at one point in the show, some people were talking and she asked them very politely to shut the f** up because she could not hear herself or the music. i liked her ballsyness!

so i'm excited about her show monday night at the doug fir at 9 pm with her new band the warm inventions. i have a feeling that her new band will not disappoint you. just don't talk while she's playing.

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  1. You will never miss another show like this one again.Thank you for going to the "FIR" with me. It was fun discovering an awesome new band with you.