Wednesday, September 23, 2009

another roadside attraction

the entrance to the roadside attraction

the patio is usually packed on warm evenings

i loved this big chinese arch

we sat in the new back room. isn't the decor great? i like the brothel look.

i have a friend in town visiting from the bay area and we were trying to figure out a place to have dinner last night and lorenzo suggested roadside attraction. i thought this was such a great idea because it is a place an out of towner would never find on their own, hidden behind a big wooden fence. so we walked down and chatted over drinks before ordering off of their grill menu. the food was simple but really good but i think the main "attraction" is the funky decor--it's very bohemian brothel on the inside and route 66 on the outside. since my friend is on a motorcycle trip headed to wyoming, i loved the highway theme.
1000 se 12th ave.

so if you want to check out something truly portland funky, head over to the roadside attraction for dinner and then cross the street and have desert and another portland hidden gem, rimsky's korsakoffee house. while we didn't stop in there last night, it would have been a perfect finish--from one hidden restaurant to another. i love that the koffeehouse doesn't have any signage outside. it's like a locals only secret that now you know about!
707 se 12th ave.

this is all you see when entering the koffeehouse. i was nervous i was just walking into someone's house on my first visit.


  1. the above "roadside" place you mention above reminds me of a small family run brothel I once visited while exploring the inner jungles of Costa Rica.
    Thanks again for the memories.

  2. no problem. i'm happy to bring back such fond memories!