Wednesday, September 9, 2009

covet love

i'm so excited today to tell you about two events in one going on tomorrow evening over at the lovely little boutique covet. covet is holding a fashion's night out in the store where you will receive 10% off all of your purchases and get to hear some really great music. if you have not yet visited this tiny gem of a boutique, this is the perfect opportunity.
covet is located at 429 sw 10th ave.

stop in early and say hello to the beautiful owners athena and ray before ray begins playing at 8:00pm.
(photo by covet)

if you have never heard redray frazier play, you are in for a wonderful surprise. i think of ray as portland's own lenny kravitz but the lenny from the "let love rule" days. ray has such a beautiful and soulful voice and sounds amazing whether playing with a full band or on his own playing an acoustic set. and i must admit, he's very nice to look at well!

so head over and do some shopping and listen to some great music as well.


  1. Hell Ya I've gotta do a better job of staying in touch with your blogs/keeping a closer eye on you.Here in this post I read that you are now hitting on my brother Ray! Ha, you didn't even know that he and I are old acquaintances did ya? Well OK then there "little Missy", here's one for you. I find Athena's eye's to be enticingly intoxicating.
    Love Lorenzo

  2. case in point! you should read more often. but hey, at least i've actually seen him play. maybe you should get out to show your support for your brother ray!