Thursday, September 3, 2009

portland hearts its dogs

or at least some portlanders do. here is an interesting article my friend emailed me about dogs in the grocery stores here in portland. read it and tell me what you think? do you think we should allow dogs in places like grocery stores and restaurants?

well you all know how much i love my lulu but i realize that there are just certain places that she cannot go and i have never tried to sneak her in. most places here do allow you to bring your pets in to their stores but i always ask if it is ok and never assume. i think it should be a common courtesy to respect people's businesses. and, if your dog has certain personality issues that they perhaps do not do so well in public or stressful situations, maybe it's best not to push them. pets do have a sensitive side that we all need to be aware of and can easily feel threatened.

because if you're not careful with dogs in the grocery store, something like this may happen!

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