Monday, September 7, 2009

swedish love

have you tried the restaurant broder over on se clinton yet? the other night my friend suggested it and i've been meaning to get over there so i was excited about checking out a new restaurant.

while they have been open now for about three years they have mostly become known for breakfast and just recently begun serving dinner.

we were not sure what to start our with so the server suggested the surf board which is three different cured fish one being the swedish national dish of pickled herring.

we also started out with this asparagus and tomato salad that was so beautiful we hesitated to take it apart. i'm glad we did, though, yum.

after our starters, we shared a burger that was really rich and delicious. the cheese they used was a chevre and i thought that was a nice touch for a burger. the burger had a lot of flavor and was sooo juicy. i just love a good burger!

the service was really great and they were very sweet to lulu and made sure that she was taken care of as well.

broder occupies the space of the old henry's cafe which i have always loved. if i had my own restaurant, this is the type of space i want, long and narrow. it kind of reminds me of the restaurants in new york that are located on the ground floor of old brownstones.

i have always admired swedish interiors for their beautiful simplicity and this was true for broder as well. i loved the simple decor with the pale blue accents and the sparkling white lights.

ok, i know this is weird but i had to take a picture of the bathroom entry because it was just so simple and pretty. i absolutely love the blue the white and the black accents.

broder is located at 2508 se clinton 503.736.3333

i'm looking forward to trying breakfast over there next.

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