Tuesday, September 1, 2009

pink heartini

so i went to the pink martini show friday night at the oregon state fair and had a really great time. thomas lauderdale did an amazing job composing a recreation of oregon oregon!, a musical created to celebrate oregon's 100th anniversary. china forbes and our former governor, barbara roberts came out for the closing number and it brought a little tear to my eye thinking about how much i love oregon and the people here. i was really happy that my friend and i were able to be there for the show.

then after the oregon musical, pink martini came out for a set and played many of my favorite numbers including "hey eugene". i love this song because you see a completely different side of china. they also played one song off of their new album that drops on october 3rd, "splendor in the grass". i can't wait for the new album and you know i'll be at music millenium to pick up my copy.

china looked fab as always in her flowing tiger print dress. i tried to take some better pictures but my little camera just doesn't do so well at night. maybe for my birthday i could get a new camera? hint hint!

i thought it was sweet during the finale when china sat down with thomas as he played the piano with the military band. it really shows how close they are as friends and colleagues.

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