Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i missed you pdx

hi everyone! after a whirl-wind tour of denver, i'm back home in my lovely portland. i must say, though, that denver was fabulous--the weather, the company, the food, the sights, the shopping...whew, i'm tired.

i apologize for such a short post but i wanted to keep my promise that i would be back today. however, it's tamale night tonight and lorenzo is hard at work so i want to get back to help him out (and eat some tamales). so here are two of my favorites from my trip to denver and i'll be back tomorrow with a little more.

the lights of larimer square downtown were so pretty. it was raining the night i took this so it's a little blurry but i still thought this looked cool.

we went to dinner at this great french restaurant called z cuisine. it was really cute, the food was great, the service was great and i had one of the best glasses of syrah i've ever had.

this was our server and hostess. they were the cutest, sweetest things. the hostess was very pregnant and wearing black chuck taylors. how cute is that!

this was the view into the kitchen from our table.

and this is what came out of the kitchen to our table. ooh la la! it was good. i loved the salade gourmande and the steak frites but really, everything was great.

so if you are in the denver area, check out z cuisiine. it was a really great experience and thank you brooke for taking us there. it's in the cute neighborhood lower highland (i think) at 2239 w 30th ave 303.477.1111

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