Saturday, September 26, 2009

j'aime la boheme

as a shout out to my loyal reader steve, way the heck over in maine, today's post is about one of his favorite composers, puccini.

a few weeks ago when i posted in my paris in portland post, i mentioned that i did not have such a great time in lucca, italy and he quickly reminded me that lucca is the birthplace of one of the greatest composers of all time, giacomo puccini. i have no idea how i forgot this major detail since the lucchese people LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their puccini connection. when you walk into town, you are greeted by his likeness.

since i did not have a digital camera when i was on my trip, my pictures are not the greatest so i found this one off the lucca 2002 website.

and i'm happy to report that puccini's spirit is here in portland right now with the opera la boheme. i really, really hope that i can make it to the show but tickets are going fast since there are only 3 shows left. i'm going to try to make the one on thursday, the 1st but there is a matinee tomorrow at 2:00 and then another show on saturday the 3rd at 7:30pm. oh i hope i can get tickets. sometimes hawthorne girl procrastinates and this is the result.

well, the least i can do is watch baz luhrman's version on dvd if i can't make it but i'd much rather see it in person!


  1. La Boheme, has brought me to tears, (along with a few million others, including Cher, in Moonstruck), often.

    I'm a sucker for ill fated romance. I hope you can find tickets. Parisian gypsies are always better, seen in person. Bouna Fortuna!

  2. I wish it were showing longer. Do happen to know where it is going from here?

  3. the only other place i could find listed was NYC.