Wednesday, September 2, 2009

love the lover

tonight i rented one of my favorite movies from videorama, "the lover". i haven't seen this movie in years and can't wait to watch it. i remember the first time i watched it and i was so stunned by the risque content and the beautiful images. i think this was one of the first "artsy" films that i had ever seen. i had just finished college and this was out in the art house theatres the same year. the images this movie imprinted in my mind still make me want to travel to vietnam some day.

remember how grown up she was for a fifteen year old? i absolutely loved this outfit she put together with the slip, the hat and the high heels (not to mention the red lips). i certainy never dressed like that at fifteen!

and how amazing marguerite duras' life must have been? i just can't imagine how so many great works came out of one human being. a few years ago a friend gave me a book called "writer's houses" and it featured marguerite's house. she lived in it for many years and never changed a thing. it was so beautiful.

marguerite duras

jeanne moreau as marguerite

have you ever seen the movie "cet amour la"? it is the story of marguerite later in life when she took on her much younger companion and he spent many years with her up until her death. it was a very good movie and gave you a lot of insight into her life and struggles. jeanne moreau played marguerite and who better to play her? even though i have seen many pictures of marguerite, i always remember her looking like the beautiful jeanne!

sometimes i feel like this when i think about really working on that book i've been writing very, very slowly for the past four years!


  1. Love in VietNam...a not so interesting concept, when I was there in 1969, but "The Lover" is a fine film. That husky voice of Jeanne Moreau...always a turn on. The director, did "The Name of the Rose", as well. (One of my favs). Steve in Maine

  2. Well if anyone would know about love in Vietnam in 1969, it would be you! And I'm glad that you appreciate this film because it truly is one of my favorites. Oh yes, Jeanne Moreau is quite intriquing. I have never seen The Name of the Rose but I will now.

  3. Be forewarned, "The Name of the Rose", is a 14th century murder mystery. (Most intriguing). However, it does afford one, the opportunity to appreciate Annaud's range, as a director. Enjoy!